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After my career as a professional ballet dancer I wanted to keep moving. Fitness seemed like a natural next step. I accumulated credentials: Group fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Pelvic Floor Instructor, Pilates, Barre, to name a few. However as time went on, I became more and more achy. Exercises and exercise formats that were reputedly “good for me” left me in pain and I couldn’t get stronger.

I’ve always been curious about how people move and why the same exercise/movement can look so different from person to person. My research lead me to the Gray Institute (G.I.( When I worked with someone trained by the Gray Institute, or a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS), I finally felt the ease of moving returning, and could also work on strength and mobility in ways that made sense to my body and mind

My training with the GI has taught me how to look at the body as a whole, doing everyday or sports movements, to understand how to get more pain-free ability out of it. I then can break the movements into parts, but I always put them back together again, because all our movements in real life are integrated. Think of an airplane:  If I took apart an airplane and put all the pieces on the runway, the separate pieces cannot fly – but all the potential to fly is there if the pieces are put together correctly and in fine working order. The more optimal the working order, the smoother the flight.

Let’s work together to transform your thinking about exercise, your approach to movement, and adjust your goals because you can achieve more than you thought possible!

Thank you for visiting my website.


Anita Luck, FAFS

Functional Aging & Movement Specialist

ACE Personal Trainer

BeBo Pelvic Floor Instructor  

Proud volunteer for the Parkinson's Foundation (PF).

The PF and I worked with Gov. Baker to proclaim April 2021Parkinson's Awareness Month.

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