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Maintaining a regular exercise routine as we age may seem like a big challenge. It is easy to come up with reasons like never having formally exercised and fear of falling to avoid exercising.  However, engaging in a varied movement routine as we get older becomes essential to retaining our independence and sense of well-being.

Adding movement into your life that is targeted to your needs can:

  • relieve stress

  • manage aches and pains

  • make you feel more energized

  • help you sleep better


Exercise has even been

shown to improve brain function!

(Click here for more info: Harvard Exercise and Brain Study)


From the beginning of my fitness career have worked with

people of all ages, including retirees and older. I can fully tailor

training sessions to your level. Many of my clients have started out with seated movements and worked their way up to standing exercises. We can work around many chronic conditions including:

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • hip replacement

  • frozen shoulder

  • knee replacement

No matter what your current physical condition, you will benefit from my one-on-one services. We will start with your present abilities and build on them. The most important element? Your consistent participation.

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