I’ve been attending Anita’s Boot Camp class for two years now, along with about 10 other participants who have been coming at least that long. I’ve seen major improvements in all of our abilities. Anita keeps challenging us with new exercises each session.


Anita is so knowledgeable about the body’s movement and the brain. She’s very familiar with how Parkinson’s disease effects people. She provides exercises that help one get up from a potential fall. I always feel safe in her class knowing that she will prevent us from injuring or straining ourselves during her class.


I’ve developed relationships with the other members of class, and look forward to seeing them each week. Everyone is supportive of each other. The music keeps up the tempo and makes the hour go quickly.


The exercise helps me with muscle strength and flexibility, balance, and endurance. If the class were offered twice a week I would take it. It’s my favorite class.


C.W., Roslindale

“I have taken a Boot Camp class with Anita for the past three years. She is a very motivating and patient instructor who explains each exercise in detail and its benefits. Every week she varies them and provides us with equipment that accompanies the exercises. Her classes are interesting and she plays music throughout the class that is specific to each routine.  Anita is very sensitive to my needs and limitations and at the same time motivates me to reach my greatest potential.  She has a warm and inviting personality and is thoroughly committed to what she does so well.”  


Anita Luck’s boot camp class is one of the best offered in the wellness program.  She is competent in making the brain work as well as the body.  There is a variety to her teaching and one has the sense that she cares for each student as she corrects form in a gentle and hands on way.  This maximizes the learning and the ultimate benefit. It has been my good luck to be in this class for two years now.

Paula, Newton

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