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How I Train

I am a functional Movement Specialist.

I use advanced training and assessment skills to figure out what structures are not contributing to optimal, pain free movement. Then, I create a program to strengthen all of the participants in the entire chain of motion.


I work where physical therapists end. 

Physical therapists strengthen one body part; I support whole body activity.  For example, you may have had knee surgery and want to return to tennis, but your PT is over.  I can tell if your back, shoulders, and legs are poised to support you in the quick starts and rotational movements of tennis, and if any surrounding structures are compensating for your weak knee.  You need all of them to return to the game.


I specialize in chronic injuries, athletic and post-surgery rehab, women's pelvic floor issues, and people with Parkinson's Disease. 

The common thread is the multiple connected structures that are recruited in each case, and my understanding of the ideal pain free motion.  I know what muscles and fascial connections engage to complete the desired activity, and I can tell which are too weak.   It is not always intuitive: wrist pain can emanate from upper back stiffness, low back pain can result from weak leg or glute muscles – even from a foot not moving as it should.  I find the source of the problem often missed by others and address it from its root.


I work with aches and pains, strength training, neurological disease, aging and over-use issues.

I am able to share my love of motion with a wide population. I can take most limitations and dissect them, then put the pieces together structurally and functionally to restore dynamic movement in just a few sessions.  


I incorporate wellness and mindfulness meditation in my work when warranted. 

I teach group corporate classes in conditioning, wellness and meditation. I come to you to take the stress out of appointments. 



Get in touch with me if you or anyone you know craves pain free movement.​

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