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"I started training with Anita based on a recommendation from my doctor.  I was suffering severe leg fatigue when playing ice hockey, which I do 3-4 times a week and its tough on my 59-year-old body.  I've now worked with Anita for 3 months and her coaching has eliminated the problem.  I've activated and strengthened muscles that were just atrophying away so now I can play and recover like I used to 20 years ago.  Plus, many of the nagging back and neck ailments that have plagued me for years are gone.  


Her years of ballet, education and coaching, has meant that she that she could very effectively assess my weak points and recommend or modify exercises to fit my exact needs.  She built me a custom exercise routine that has made me stronger, faster, more flexible, and way more resilient.  I recommend her highly!"


"I love working out with Anita and have been doing so for over 10 years. Her knowledge, kindness, and compassion have added to my quality of life and kept me moving, strong and pain free. She has helped me through diverse health issues, and even helped me formulate questions for my doctors.


I will stick with her because she has stuck with me!"



(90 years old)

"For the past 13 years my main form exercise was running outside. This past spring I started to experience a variety of injuries so my sister suggested I go to her personal trainer. I have been going to Anita for personal training sessions for six months. I honestly cannot say enough good things about her. She puts thought into each of my sessions catering them to help me work through injuries as well as build muscles and improve my reflexes to help me with my pursuit of learning tennis. Besides being smart and thoughtful about my training sessions, Anita has the loveliest personality. She makes me work hard and also makes me laugh so my training sessions are fun."


"Anita has been my personal trainer for two years and I look forward to many more years with her excellent instruction.  Knowing that she has my particular needs in mind and continually improves my workouts is very important to me. Anita makes each session a work in progress and comes up with new ideas to keep me motivated and I enjoy her sense of humor.  Again, thank you."


"Anita Luck’s traditional background in ballet, dance, Pilates and pelvic floor dysfunction coupled with her completion of Fellow in Applied Functional Science, FAFS, has set the groundwork for a strong movement specialist.  As a personal trainer, Anita is able to observe the client and determine the faults and compensations that may be the root cause or secondary result of pain and poor fitness. Her approach to my rehab, after ACL knee reconstruction, treated the whole functioning body, not just the knee, to get me back on the tennis court in record time.  She is able to design her fitness program to be sports specific or take a more general approach for overall well-being and optimal functioning for day to day activities.  Her energetic personality and desire to see positive results are evident in the way she is always creating new approaches to get the optimal outcomes.  As a physical therapist myself, I invite you to trust your care to Anita."


"I have never been one for regular exercise routines. I had the great fortune to work out with Anita Luck whose approach to exercise is based on an extensive knowledge of human physiology. Our weekly work outs have become essential for maintaining strength and reducing stress in the day to day trials of middle age.  Surprisingly, I have come to look forward to this weekly session with Anita whose gentle wisdom and infinite grace have made exercising an effortless task."


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